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Barnacle Guard on the ABC's New Inventor's in 2008

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Barnacle Removal - All The Hard Work Done For You, with Our High Pressure Pylon Cleaning Service & Protection Plan

You like Us, have probably noticed how quickly sea-sludge, barnacles and oysters form on your pontoon's Pylons... Within just weeks, the same crusty stuff you don’t want growing on your boat, jet-ski or Pontoon, locks on
and is nearly impossible to control... Until Now!...

As boaties, we spend THOUSANDS on boat-docks, boat-lifts, sea-pens or old school anti-fouling, all to protect our boats, yet so often we forget about our pontoon! which is normally worth 2 or 3 times more than a jet ski, and sometimes even more than the boat that's tied to it! (and not to forget, pontoons are not covered by insurance)